Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Padre Pio: Guardian Angels and a Miracle

If there was ever an earthly authority on angels, it was Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio). He talked to them regularly as you and I talk with our family and friends. He sent them all over the world on “missions” to his spiritual children, and received messages back via the angels as often as we receive mail. Here are a few of his thoughts on these magnificent heavenly beings:

“When we die, our Guardian Angel will take our soul to heaven.”

“Our Guardian Angel  never leaves us, even when we are disgusting God with our behavior.”

“Oh if all men could understand this great gift that God assigned to us; this celestial spirit."

"For whoever is alone there is his Guardian Angel."

“The duty of the Guardian Angel is not only of spiritual guidance. He also prevents bodily harm for us.”

“Our Guardian Angel prays constantly for us.”

“Let’s confide to Our Guardian Angel our pains and sorrows. He is like a friend, like a brother.”

"Your Guardian Angel prays for you; offers to God all the good works you accomplish; your holy and pure desires."

"Do not forget this invisible companion, always present to listen to you; always ready to console you."

"Invoke often this Guardian Angel, and repeat the beautiful prayer: 'Oh Angel of God...'.”

"Often remember his presence; thank him; pray to him; Respect him; be in constant fear of offending the purity of his gaze."

"What consolation when, at the moment of death, you will see this Angel, who accompanied you through life and was so liberal in maternal care.”

Padre Pio's Daily Prayer to His Guardian Angel

Angel of God,
my guardian,
to whom the goodness
of the Heavenly Father entrusts me.
protect and guide me
Now and for ever.

Finally, I just had to share this story of a man named Paul Walsh and the astounding miracle that happened to him in 1983 through the intercession of St. Pio. Enjoy (and prepare to be amazed).


  1. "For whoever is alone there is his Guardian Angel." lovely quote this one.