Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessed Pope John Paul II and the Angels

It seems only fitting that the first post of this blog should center on the Church's newest saint, Blessed Pope John Paul II. According to author and noted angel authority Msgr. Marcello Stanzione, Pope John Paul II said on several occasions that he asked his guardian angel for help every day.

In the summer of 1986, the Pope delivered a series of talks at his General Audiences entitled Catechesis on the Angels. These six speeches reflect the Church's teachings on the nature of angelic spirits, their importance and participation in salvation history, the fall of the rebellious angels, and, finally, Christ's victory over evil. He concludes his lesson with this reminder to the faithful:

"And while the existence of the wicked angels requires of us that we be watchful so as not to yield to their empty promises, we are certain that the victorious power of Christ the Redeemer enfolds our lives, so that we ourselves may overcome these spirits. In this, we are powerfully helped by the good angels-- "

"Be not afraid!" was the exhortation famously resounded by Blessed Pope John Paul II. Remaining mindful that our guardian angels are always at our sides, we can truly take the Pope's message to heart.

The entire text of the Catechesis on the Angels is available on EWTN.

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